Hi! My name is Andrey.
Thank you for choosing kurlandmilitaria.com
Since the year 1998 I am interested in rarer old things, hidden dip in a land. I was reading a lot of archival documents to know more about historical facts had chance to happen. First it starts as my hobby in a spare time, and a couple years ago I made it my work.
Dig for the most part the place of surrender of German divisions of Army Group North.  Some times even rarer antique coins.

 This is a very exciting experience. Heavy, but grasps the head. New findings give me an inspiration. At the time of capitulation German soldiers was hiding a lot of interesting things. Found a lot of German and Russian awards, weapons, equipment parts, even jewelry can sometimes be found.
At the places of battles I found the remains of soldiers who had been referred to the reburial.
Antiquity in our area is not much, but sometimes come across interesting things.
This is mainly bronze ornaments of ancient Cours and the Vikings as well, as more recent items.
There are coins from ancient Rome to the present day.